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How to prevent XML-RPC exploits

Nov 12,21by crimson

XML-RPC loop hole allowed the hackers to exploit the systems for long time until I found one day that the …

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LightSpeed Cache with CDN

Sep 9,21by

Lightspeed Cache has been regarded as the topmost plugin for website speed optimization. Although there are other plugins which does …

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Is AMP good for websites?

Aug 7,21by crimson

New technological advancement is considered as innovation, as a way forward, as the proof that we are doing something right. But the question is that whether it is …

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How to become No 1 on Google | AMP to CWV

Jan 29,21by crimson

Lately CWV has become a talking point on the social media. The reason is obvious as it is going to impact the entire web. The winner and loser will be decided based on CWV score of portals.

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What is Webp

Feb 19,21by crimson

Webp is playing a big role for savings on the image size. According to the reports YouTube found that switching …

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How to create Web Stories for your Website | Blogs |Studyobject

Nov 19,20by crimson

Stories has been trending everywhere ! It’s new cool way to showcase your posts, pictures & videos. How to Create …

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Why is my email going to spam ? Solved !

Oct 22,20by crimson

We published a series of articles on spam correction measures. Check the article to understand terms like DMARC, SPF & DKIM. These technologies are responsible for email delivery.

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Email going to Spam Folder ? Simplest Working Solution | Secret of Email Marketing

Oct 19,20by crimson

We will discuss the technical solution which will ensure that your email never goes to spam folder of your targeted customers.

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Is Your Marketing Email going to the Spam Folder ?| End of Marketing | Solution

Oct 19,20by crimson

Email marketing is one of the best marketing techniques. It is more likely that customers may open email advertisement than …

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Website Design Company in Bangalore | StudyObject

Website Designing is a professional art. We design website in open source based technology. There is no vendor locking involved. …

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