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A Web Site ( As gold as your own land/site )


I started my IT journey a decade back. It was the time when every individual or business used to rely on personal contacts for business or any service. Most of us used to collect business cards so we can make a call to service providers. Frankly those days people used to rely heavily on personal contacts.

The globalisation was on the rise but small businesses and working professionals used to rely on local networks. Many professionals or small businesses looked at the globalisation with hope and started adopting technology offered by them. Today if you look at the Top Companies , they were early adopter of technology.

In developed countries every business even if it is roadside small motel or garage , they have a website. It becomes very easy for customers to search and get to local business for the service they need.

I had also this mindset that if i know this person well he will do good work. This is not because he does the work well but we know him well. In some case it might be true that your acquaintance in your network might do the job well. My experience with using own network for the service has been mixed. So I stopped relying only on my own acquaintance in the network for all service instead i do Google Search to get to the right vendor.

What is your experience….

Already there are Social Websites like facebook/linkedIn etc why I need to have my own website ?


There are many social websites available for example Facebook or linkedin. These websites have different purpose. For example Facebook is mostly used for socializing between friends and family. Linkedin is a good platform for building professional network but still restricted in many ways .

You would like to display your work on your own platform like you are living in your own house without any restrictions . 

Best advice will be to have your own website and then use the social platforms.


How Does it pays off?


I had built my own website decade back. Even though it was my personal website I used to get emails from all over the world. I used to write on my personal interests. I was not knowing then that this activity was called  blogging and that my website was a Blog :). Blogging became big buzzword later. Many hustlers build their career out of blogging.  You can list your service or product on your website and let people discover your talent.


Even if you are an individual , having website pays off (These days it does not cost more that a burger to build your website).


Author: Rajnish K

About Author :

Rajnishk is an Entrepreneur, R&D Expert and is passionate for Web Stack. He can be reached at [email protected]



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