What is Webp

Webp is playing a big role for savings on the image size. According to the reports

  • YouTube found that switching to WebP thumbnails resulted in 10% faster page loads.
  • Facebook experienced a 25-35% File size savings for JPEGs and an 80% file size savings for PNGs when they switched to using WebP.

Webp is quickly becoming an alternative to JPEG,PNG & GIF. Another remarkable feature of Webp is that it allows you to set up the image quality from 0(worst) to 100(best). This feature is of utmost important as it allows you to play with quality versus file size.

The GD extension is common among others to do the conversion job .Image below lists the conversion methods from file types like GIF,JPEG,PNG to Webp.

You can read more about conversion methods here

How to Use Webp

If you are using a popular platform like WordPress, there is an excellent plugin which does the job. The plugin converts other image types to Webp using above conversion method.

If you want to read more about Webp CLI commands, tools please refer here

How to detect if you website is using all Webp Images

Run the Lighthouse Performance Audit (Lighthouse-> Options-> Performance) and look for the results of the Serve images in next-gen formats audit. Lighthouse will list any images that are not being served in WebP.

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February 19, 2021
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