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App is not needed?

I used to get fascinated by a mobile App. For most of the business, App may not be required. Let’s say you want to sell something online. The First question comes to mind is that we should invest in a good app. The average cost of an App on android or iOS is $10000. For a small business or a person who want to start a business  $10000 is huge capital. Nowadays, most of the people keep very limited number of apps on their mobile. This happens due to limited space on their device. Any business which is just starting out should consider having a website which is mobile friendly rather than investing a huge amount of money in a mobile app.

You may like to check website pricing here which is far less than an app.

What value website add which app can not ?


Let’s say you built a website for your business. The website can be accessed on any system , be it a mobile, desktop or any other device. The User does not have to install it on their mobile or any other device.


What Value App adds which website can not?


Mobile app provides a better experience to user while purchasing/navigating. This experience is limited to, mobile/tablet only. If the user wants to shop on desktop , website is required. Even if business decides to go for mobile app , they will need a website to support their desktop customers. Having a website is enough for a business to sell across all devices. So mobile app can be avoided in an initial stage.


App needed much later ?

Let’s say business has grown to a level where it needs better user experience and customers want to download and keep it installed on their mobile and also want to order regularly. In this scenario, it may make sense to go to an app.

Now coming to business terms, one should go for an app only if your business has a considerable revenue.


What is your thought?


Author: Rajnish K

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Rajnishk is a Serial Entrepreneur, R&D Expert and is passionate for Web Stack. He can be reached at [email protected]



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