Is AMP good for websites?

The AMP problem

New technological advancement is considered as innovation, as a way forward, as the proof that we are doing something right. But the question is that whether it is true statement or It is true based on scenarios. I will go with later due to my recent encounter with AMP.

Let me explain the AMP. It’s full form is accelerated mobile pages. This concept was launched by google few years back to allow portals to load faster on mobile devices. We know that in recent times due to higher mobile devices usability, most of the tools and technologies were favoring mobile devices. Some of the companies like myntra, went to app only version. This was a mistake and people still loved the portal rather than downloading app and keeping on their phones. Soon they realized their mistake and Myntra had to bring back their desktop version.

With AMP the goal was to make portals load faster on mobile. There were two caveats

1.Portal will have minimal feature

2.Google will cache the data on their server.

There are implications of above caveats with respect to overall rank system of the portal. In most of the cases, the rankings of the portals were badly affected.

Reason ?

The rank impact was due to the fact that the system outside of the google will not able to know the actual traffic your website might be getting. Due to this reason they will indicate that the portal having amp will slide on the ranking.

Please let me know your experience and thoughts on same.

Author: Rajnish K

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August 7, 2021
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