We are Hiring at Studyobject

Job Role:

Entrepreneur/Co-Founder :

Inviting to join our core team and help build the company. An opportunity to join as an Entrepreneur/Co-Founder and work on the vision of the company. We offer excellent stock option.

Know us:

A platform which connects professionals who are willing to share the knowledge with others. Our criteria for enrolling experienced course owner is that they must share their industry specific knowledge with others. Hence the courses which will be listed are based on real insightful experience. We named the concept as experienced social learning. Our tag line is inspired from same idea and defined as “social learning circle”. We have named it as “studyobject” , Meaning study with objectivity and learn from experience.

The platform contains amazing features listed below

1.Enrolling as a student, professional or startup.

2.Enrolling as Experienced Course Owner.

3.Online material download.

4.Offline consultation with Experienced course owner.

5.Online Video based Consultation with Experienced course owner.

6.Offline/Online Events for forming social learning circle.

7.Buy/Sell courses



10.Live chat

Our Criteria:

Our team has worked in startup for decades. Our vision is to make the company as a top learning platforms for students, tech/non tech professionals willing to learn from each other.

We are looking to raise capital via Angel Investment/Seed funding route. We launched our platform during winter of 2019. We are looking to grow our team.

Winning Team:

We are looking for a visionary leader to become an Entrepreneur/Co-Founder. We are targeting to build early stage startup into a unicorn/MNCs in the industry. We have a creative environment where everyone gets ownership of the company. We need leader who believes in the Idea, vision and the platform. We need transparent, trusted and truthful leader for our team.A leader who is willing to join our entrepreneurial journey.


  • Draw the vision for future alonwith founders.
  • Build the network with investors for funding.
  • Build network for Studyobject Marketing.
  • Make financial, business and marketing plan
  • Study the competition and recommend strategic directions.
  • Provide analysis for new processes and systems.
  • Bring collaboration with founders and strengthen the entire organisation and teams.
  • Attend seminars, conferences and provide directions.

Technology & Other Skills:

  • Knowledge of Learning Platforms, manifesting courses and identify the right market.
  • Knowledge of building scalable systems preferably e-commerce, portals, hosting.
  • Knowledge of Security, C, C++, Linux, Linux System Programming, Php, mysql and other e-commerce technology.
  • Must put truthfulness, trust and confidence in team with collboration and competencies.
  • Create market for the platform and provide strategy to grow the market share.
  • Must have experience in online marketing and technology stack.
  • Must have experience in putting up a top performing team.
  • Strong understanding of present technology trends.
  • Solid understanding of power of social media.
  • A stong entrepreneur mindset to put vision in reality.
  • A Strong desire to be a part of a online community and form strong networking.
  • Set daily goals and achieve.
  • Take responsibility and drive the company morale.
  • Preferably having experience in working with startup and getting the funding for startup.
  • Good track record of working and growing a startup is a plus.
  • Experience in building the revenue stream.
  • Preferably Tech stack knowledge with entrepreneur mindet for handling all scenarios.
  • Passion to follow heart and Entrepreneurship. A no complain person, motivator and having perseverance.
  • B.E/B.TECH/MBA from top unitversity in India/Abroad and zeal to become successful.

Our Offer:

  • Become a shareholder of the company.
  • Great opportunity to build the virtual learning world.
  • Lifetime opportunity to own your startup.
  • Maximize your equity position with an initial investment or have the ability to help raise funding.
  • Work from your own home in USA, Europe/ an office, home in Bangalore.
  • An available office to work.

Location: Bangalore, USA & Europe

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